Cathy Galligan – Executive VP
Franchise Development

With over 35 years in the healthcare industry, Cathy has been a driving force in transforming healthcare delivery models and advancing organizational success. As a seasoned executive, Cathy pioneered a hospital-based Accountable Care Organization (ACO), steering its strategic, operational, and financial direction to new heights.

At the helm of a thriving Independent Physicians’ Association (IPA), Cathy orchestrated daily operations with finesse, overseeing business development, market planning, and finance. Her adept negotiation skills secured advantageous contracts for over 400 physician members and facilitated the management of diverse pay-for-performance and chronic disease management programs.

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Drawing from her extensive background in the insurance sector, Cathy excelled as an HMO/Provider Reinsurance and Employer Stop-Loss Underwriter.  Cathy played a pivotal role in driving growth and profitability for a $35M portfolio. Cathy’s early roles as a Provider Network Manager and Contract Negotiator for a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) laid the groundwork for her continued success in healthcare administration.

Leveraging her wealth of experience, Cathy transitioned seamlessly into franchising, quickly mastering the industry’s intricacies. As the compliance officer and operations executive for an emerging medical spa franchise, Cathy demonstrated her versatility and acumen, contributing significantly to the franchisor’s rapid growth and success. During her franchise career, Cathy also has proven success in franchise sales, making her a vital contributor to the sales team.

Cathy’s career trajectory underscores her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, driving positive change across multiple sectors of the healthcare, wellness, and franchise industries.

With over 40 million unemployed many people are looking to invest in a franchise to reclaim control of their futures

More than 13M Americans over the age of 50 are displaced workers, and current economic climate is prompting many people to reevaluate their careers.

12 months from now, the U.S. unemployment will stand at 19-20% and is projected to trend around 15% in 2021 and 13% in 2022.

Simultaneously, millions of boomer business owners are selling their businesses as they prepare for retirement.

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