Harold McGee – Sales Advisor

Ever since I graduated from college and began my corporate working life, I quickly realized that “If you’re not building your own business, you are building someone else’s business” and that all I ever wanted to be, was an entrepreneur.

My passion and business are to help individuals and families start and build their business/es, plan, protect, business succession, and retirement planning.

I have 30+ years in the real estate brokerage and financial services industries to include customer service, sales, investing, and lending. My specialties include analyze business profit and loss, balance sheets, credit reporting, asset management, and asset divesting. Additionally, I work with small business owners on employee benefits selection and implementation.

Joe Frieberg with Global Business Advisory

I am licensed Texas Real Estate Broker and a licensed Texas Health/Life Insurance agent.

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With over 40 million unemployed many people are looking to invest in a franchise to reclaim control of their futures

More than 13M Americans over the age of 50 are displaced workers, and current economic climate is prompting many people to reevaluate their careers.

12 months from now, the U.S. unemployment will stand at 19-20% and is projected to trend around 15% in 2021 and 13% in 2022.

Simultaneously, millions of boomer business owners are selling their businesses as they prepare for retirement.

We’re Global.

We’re the premiere international consultancy for brokering franchises and resale businesses.

step one to buying a business

We’re focused on unprecedented organic lead generation for our brands, coupled with experience management and acquisitions.

step two to buying a business

We’re experts in franchise consulting and business brokerage worldwide with a focus on buyers and sellers of small and mid-sized businesses. Our client service philosophy is unique.

step three to buying a business

Global Business Advisory’s true value is in the spaces between brands – in combining brands with vision, relevance, strength, affordable and competitive flexibility

step four to selling a business

We’re involved in all phases of business including sales, merges, and joint ventures.

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