Global Business Advisory’s Leadership Team

In addition to our deal makers, Global’s Team of Advisors also includes specialists such as estate planners, business law attorneys, licensed financial planners and CPAs.

Selling an operating company is complicated. Dealing with family interests, numerous stakeholders, and various tax ramifications, it is essential to be advised properly by a variety of professionals.

The success or failure of a transaction often hinges on both parties’ ability to communicate effectively.  Constituencies, such as buyer/seller, investment bankers, stakeholders, attorneys, accountants, financial institutions, due diligence teams, etc.

Ann Lilly • Global Business Advisory Chief Operating Officer

Ann Lilly

Chief Operating Officer

Lance Graulich • Chief Development Officer

Lance Graulich

Chief Development Officer

Cathy Galligan • Executive VP Franchise Development

Cathy Galligan

Executive VP Franchise Development

Jim Davis • Executive VP International Franchise Development

James W. Davis

Executive VP International Franchise Development

Ann Lilly, MHA, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Lilly is Global Business Advisory’s Chief Operating Officer.   As COO, Ann brings more than 30 years of business development success to Global. An entrepreneur since 19, a lobbyist for physicians and Healthcare,  Ann’s career highlights include VP HCA Physician Services, and Founder of Ware Langhorne & Associates.

A business broker and entrepreneur coach, The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce ‘Trout Tank’ Judge.  Ms. Lilly founded Launch Tank LLC in August 2014 to the present.   A franchise consultant, she has also been a franchisee The Entrepreneur’s Source from August 2014 to August 2018.

Lance Graulich, CFC

Chief Development Officer

Mr. Graulich is Global Business Advisory’s Chief Development Officer. He has been the President of ION Franchising Franchise Ford Guys in Las Vegas, NV from February 2008 to the present.  An industry leading franchise consultant and business developer, Lance brings a high-performance coaching approach to our advisory team.

As a business start-up expert with more than 25 years of experience, Lance’s strong franchising success has allowed him to serve on various franchise advisory councils and boards.

Cathy Galligan

Executive VP Franchise Development

Ms. Galligan is Global Business Advisory’s Executive Vice President.  She has been the Franchise Development Advisor and a Regional Developer for RX2LIVE in Pleasant Grove, UT from March 2019 to the present.

During her 35-year career in health care, she has been the owner of Real Health Enterprises, LLC in Newington, CT from August 2014 to the present. Previously she was the Executive Director of Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, CT from August 2016 to December 2017.  She also served as Executive Director for Meriden Wallingford IPA in Wallingford, CT from August 2010 to August 2016.

James W. Davis, PE, CFC

Executive Vice-President for International Development

Mr. Davis is Global Business Advisory’s Executive Vice-President for International Development. A Vietnam veteran, Jim has been the Managing Partner for JD&A Franchise Consulting LLC in Valparaiso, FL from April 2016 to the present.

Jim brings more than 2 decades of management consulting International success to Global throughout Saudi Arabia & Middle East.  Previously he was the Senior Vice President of Strategic Asset Management Inc. in Kenner, FL from February 2005 to December 2015.