A Franchise Sales Consulting
and Commercial Business & Real Estate Brokerage

A Worldwide Full-Service Consortium

With impressive differentiators, Global Business Advisory was formed to offer a worldwide full-service consortium with Eastern bases in Connecticut and the Western region serviced by our base office in Utah.

Our Impressive Differentiators

Global Business Advisory differentiators include:

  1. More than 100 Years of Experience Management
  2. Unprecedented organic lead generation with our Exclusive Sales Affiliate Program
  3. Brand Equity – Inhouse Brands Royalty Share creating Residual Income
  4. Strategic Partnership with Franchise Innovations
  5. Training Curriculum totally more than 130 Hours
  6. 18 Module Area Representative Training Curriculum
  7. International Opportunities


Our high level of commitment will attract top professionals, sales affiliates and clients looking to buy and sell businesses

Advisors will be provided with the following services:

  • Top Commissions
  • Brand Equity – Exclusive & Proprietary In house Brands ongoing share of Royalties
  • Franchise Innovations – Strategic Partnership International Brand Development
  • Exclusive Proprietary Sales Affiliate Program
  • Technology Integration
  • 24/7 On Call Support – Access to Information
  • Marketing/Sales Guidelines to follow
  • Personal Goal Setting Performance Training
  • Professional Marketing & Sales packages

Training & Support Curriculum

Phase 1


16 Total Training Hours

Phase 2

Understanding the Brand Portfolio
Initial Classroom Curriculum (2 weeks)

60 Total Training Hours

Phase 3

Optimizing the Brand Portfolio
Ongoing Training Virtual (6 months)

58 Total Training Hours

Phase 4

Implementing Brand Portfolio Management
Performance Coaching Virtual & Field (Ongoing)

22 Total Training Hours

4 Leadership Training

4 Role in Field Support

4 Sales Training

4 Relationship Business